News Flash : SEQUEM now represents PI DESIGN INDUSTRY sas

We are proud to announce that, as of March 1st, 2020, SEQUEM started representing French company PI DESIGN INDUSTRY sas, specialising in the development of tools for multi-slide machines and conventional punching presses. In cooperation with various reliable partners, supplying those tools is also an option.

PI DESIGN INDUSTRY sas can draw on longstanding experience in the industrialisation of metal components and sub-assemblies to support its customers’ projects, from the development of metal parts to their mass production, always seeking the production process best suited to the need.

This new cooperation is adding a reliable partner to our representation portfolio, with the constant objective of offering high-end equipment as well as premium service matching your expectations.

By calling on PI DESIGN, you benefit from an expertise in:

  • Developing follow-on tools, with or without special processes (riveting, welding, threading…)
  • Developing tools for multi-slide presses
  • Developing various mechanical systems (inspection gauges, special machines…)
  • Designing and producing new tools
  • Duplicating tools according to technical files
  • Modifying existing tools
  • Producing complex spare parts
  • Analysing functional and quality issues in existing tools, then making the required modifications and set-ups on the machine in order to meet the objectives

The tools are produced by high-profile partners chosen for each project based on their field of expertise.

More information?

Please contact the SEQUEM team. Feel free to call us at +33 3 28 80 55 62 or write to We will be happy to help!