During the entire month of July, BÜLTMANN welcomes you to see a new tube production line (type RPL 080). This installation will be visible until August, 3rd 2018.


Technical data:
Material                                                       C15, 26MnB5, 34MnB5
Yield strength                                            max. 600 MPa


Starting material:
Tube diameter                                            Ø20 – 80 mm

Wall thickness                                            1-8 mm

Tube lengths                                               4-14 m

Bundle diameter                                       max. 800 mm


Finished material:
Tube diameter                                            Ø18 – 76,2 mm

Wall thickness                                           0,9-8 mm

Tube lengths                                               5-18.5 m

Yield strength                                            max. 850 MPa


The tube production line mainly comprises the following:

  • Oiling line, type RB 080
  • Pointing equipment, type HAM 15 / PH 050, with automatic separation
  • Drawing equipment, type RZ 0800/3-19, with discharge cradles
  • Straightening equipment, type RRM 10/100, with automatic separation


Do you want to see this line? You can contact us either via our contact form or by sending us an email to al@sequem.fr. We would be glad to help you organize your visit!