Machines made by NIEHOFF are renowned by the expert industries for high quality, top performance, long lifetime and durability.

By modernising your existing equipment, you canmaximise its service lifewhile benefiting from the latest technology as well as NIEHOFF’s support in order to increase the efficiency of your production processes and achieve energy savings. 

Eligible equipment


    • Changeover from Siemens S5 to S7-1500 control for all machine types (optionally upgrading all drives to modern AC technology, bearing up to 15% energy-saving potential) 
      S5 components are no longer produced and cannot be delivered any longer. Sudden failure of S5 controllers bears considerable risks and may cause machine downtimes. Replacing them with S7-1500 controllers enables you to anticipate this risk.


    • Mechanical overhaul of almost all machine types such as MMH and M85)
      Mechanical overhaul includes replacement of all bearings, sealing flanges, labyrinth seals and all other required small parts, thus minimizing the risk of unexpected machine standstills and production shortfalls.


    • Upgrade of the annealing controller
      SIVOLT A three-phase annealer controllers are no longer deliverable. Unexpected failure of the controller may cause machine standstill and imply high costs due to defective production. We, therefore, recommend to upgrade the annealing controller to type NAC (NIEHOFF Annealing Controller) developed by NIEHOFF.


    • Modernizing the control panel
      Legacy operating panels such as PCS900 or LAUER are not delivered any longer. As a durable replacement, we offer to upgrade the control panel e.g. to type TP 1500 or TP 700. The solution will individually be adapted depending on the machine type.


    • Integration of our patented magnetic locking device in our WF down coilers
      The new system minimises the risk of breakdown and is 100% maintenance-free, thus bearing the advantage of saving spare and wear parts costs required for the formerly used system.


    • Replacement of the SIEMENS VC and MC drives
      NIEHOFF offers to replace the discontinued Siemens drives, be it VC or MC, with Sinamics systems installed either on site or delivered and integrated in form of a new switchboard cabinet.


    • Replacement of discontinued Lenze drives
      Drives of the 8200 and 9300 series may be replaced by 8400 series drives. In most cases, the operating software must not necessarily be adapted.


    • Reorganizing wire movement in our RM annealers by integration of ‘fluidic muscles’
      Considerable improvement has been made in avoiding poor wire movement. The new solution is less susceptible to failures, at the same time increasing process reliability to a great extent. Thorough wire movement is substantial for longer life of the contact tubes.


    • Inspection and maintenance contract
      Service life of NIEHOFF machines is subject to adherence to the inspection and maintenance measures recommended by NIEHOFF, including regular servicing intervals and timely overhauls. This will guarantee full performance throughout the planned machine life


Seeking to prevent machine breakdowns?

Your machines contain discontinued components? You are looking to maximise the service life of your equipment and prevent long production downtimes? Contact our team so that we can analyse your needs together.