KIESELSTEIN is a historical world leader in the field of draw-peeling (shaving) of wire, relying on its own research and development centre to further develop a unique technology to remove wire surface defects, whether steel or non-ferrous.

SEQUEM and KIESELSTEIN GmbH inform you.

KIESELSTEIN offers a complete range:

  • SHAVING UNITS: all-in-one compact systems offering the complete shaving technology: calibrating and shaving dies, chip-breaker, chip disposal, cooling. This unit can be integrated into existing wire-drawing lines.
  • SHAVING LINES: including all auxiliary pay-off, straightening and coiling equipment.
  • SHAVING TOOLS: the shaving dies are state-of-the-art technology

KIESELSTEIN also has its own in-house shaving plant, offering the possibility to test your shaving application and provide samples for you. Should you require even more information, simply download the brochure here.

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