If change is the only constant in our lives,

then movement is a constant of progress.


Under the motto “70 years of EBNER in motion”, an expert symposium including high-caliber international speakers and presentations will take place from September 11 – 13, 2018 at EBNER’s Leonding works.

In this event a mutual exchange of ideas and visions will take place and the future and the past will meet.

Our theme will be the future challenges that will be faced by manufacturers in the steel, aluminum and copper base metal industries. The main focus, however, will be upon “Future trends in mobility”.


Virtually every one of our facilities supports the mobility sector in one form or another. For example, EBNER facilities throughout the globe fulfill more than 80 % of the demand for aluminum automobile body sheet. With facilities for hot forming, EBNER is also active in the production of high-strength steels for the automotive sector. Over the course of the event, future developments in the mobility sector will be illuminated throughout the entire value-added chain, from end users and OEMs to EBNER and its suppliers.


We would recommend that you attend the entire two-and-a-half days of the symposium, as the presentations build upon one another.  Alongside the expert symposium, there will of course be a program of activities for those accompanying you.

We also recommend that you register as soon as possible, as space is limited. Come celebrate 70 years of success with EBNER, and let us look to the future together! You can complete the registration form by following this link.


You can also download a preview of the program of the symposium here.

We would be delighted to inclued you among our guets and you be happy to answer any question regarding our program or the planning of your visit. Do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Leturgie al@sequem.fr or Mrs. Wagner tao@ebner.cc for any further information.