KIESELSTEIN launches a modern and innovative concept: ECO-L Box, a soap box compatible with all dry drawing machines!

Why choose this concept? What are the benefits?
  • Compact and robust design, with integrated die-holder for water-cooled cylindrical die
  • Universal concept to fit all drawing machine brands.
  • Adjustable in two planes with position indicators for quick and reproducible settings.
  • 5 standardised sizes depending on the diameter ranges of the wire (from 2.0 to 18.0 mm)  for reduced engineering costs and competitive prices (upon request; please state diameter range).
  • Precise wire guiding for considerably improved die lifetime.
  • Integrated sensor roll (optional) to control drawing regulation.
  • Soap skimmer (optional) to keep the drawing soap in motion and to avoid the formation of a tunnel.
  • Easy implementation not requiring the intervention of a Kieselstein technician.
” Yes! “

Please contact your SEQUEM team with specifics on your requirement and get a customized detailed quotation. Feel free to call us at +33 3 28 80 55 60 or write to We will be happy to help!

” Note quite yet…”

It is currently possible to test a size 3 soap box (wire diameter from 8 to 12mm) for 30 days at half the purchase price! After the test, you can decide to send the box back or to keep it after paying the second half of the purchase price.