EBNER offers its new generation of continuous roller hearth furnaces working in protective atmosphere for heat treating of:

  • Alloyed steel bars (Soft Annealing, Spheroidizing, Normalizing, Isothermal Annealing) and tubes (Normalizing, Tempering)
  • Stainless steel tubes (Solubilization, Recrystallization)


Technical highlights:

  • The best mechanical and metallurgical performances in compliance with the most restrictive standards of the market (e.g. API, CQI, AMS)
  • HICON® technology for the fastest cooling rates to reach the highest quality on the metallurgical structure during Isothermal Annealing / Solubilization
  • Lowering NOx emissions with state-of-the-art burners technology (up to 10 ppm Nox)


Your advantages:

  • Flexible and reliable solutions coming from more than 60 years of experience as global player of the market
  • Capital vs. Operational Expenses best balance
  • Short term Return of Investment

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