BÜLTMANN is pleased to invite you in its workshop in Neuenrade (Germany) where you can see a new tube production line, type RPL 050!
This equipment is available from April 15 to May 31, 2019.  


Starting material

Tube diameter                                  Ø 15 – 55 mm

Wall thickness                                  1 – 6,5 mm

Tube length                                      4 – 12 m

Bundle diameter                               max. 800 mm


Finished material

Tube diameter                                 Ø 12 – 50 mm

Wall thickness                                  0,8 – 6 mm

Tube length                                      5 – 15 m

Yield strength                                   max. 800 MPa


Technical data

Material                                             E355, 26MnB5, 34MnB5

Yield strength                                    max. 500 MPa


The tube production mainly comprises the following:

  • Pointing equipment, type HAM 150 / PH 050, with automatic separation
  • Drawing equipment, type RZ 0800/3-15, with geometry and surface control, as well as with discharge cradle
  • Straightening equipment, type RRM 10/050, with automatic separation

Do you want to see this machine? We would be glad to help you plan your visit! Please contact us by filling our contact form or send an email to al@sequem.fr.