EBNER furnaces & eletrical steel

EBNER will be putting a special focus on the subject of heat treatment facilities for electrical steel strips. The reason for this is the increasing demand with extraordinarily positive growth forecasts for electrical steel!

Recent studies have shown that electrical steel is going to play an increasingly crucial role.

On the one hand because it is used in the production of motors for hybrid and electric vehicles, which will replace a large proportion of internal combustion vehicles in the medium to long term. This will increase the demand for non grain-oriented (NGO) electrical steel.

On the other hand because it is used in the production of transformers, essential components of all power distribution networks, which are more and more complex and intelligent; this results in a growing need for grain-oriented (GO) electrical steel.

EBNER offers a full range of heat treatment equipment for GO and NGO electrical steels. For further information on this subject, please check the website.

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