WIRE & TUBE 2020 : the countdown is on!

Who will attend?

Many exhibitors but, more importantly, most of the suppliers represented by SEQUEM. To meet them and interact with them, join us at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre from 30 March to 03 April   2020.

As a reminder, the suppliers represented by SEQUEM and exhibiting at the trade fair specialize in equipment and accessories for the production of metal wires, rods and tubes, power cables, flat metal products, punched and bent metal parts or subassemblies…

So, make sure you do not miss this event and remember to register! SEQUEM will gladly help you in this process and can provide free entry tickets. We will be happy to meet you on the booth of one of the manufacturers we represent: let’s make an appointment!

Where to find them?

This list will help you locate the various suppliers we represent:

  • ACM, Hall 9, Stand E40
  • BRAUN, Hall 10, Stand C52-04
  • BIHLER, Hall 10, Stand F18
  • BÜHLER REDEX, Hall 11, Stand A22
  • BÜLTMANN, Hall 6, Stand E18
  • EBNER, Hall 10, Stand C42-07
  • HÄFNER & KRULLMANN, Hall 9, Stand A25
  • HEBERLEIN, Hall 10, Stand B38
  • KRENN-KAMAX, Hall 10, Stand G66
  • KROLLMANN, Hall 12, Stand B59
  • LEIMBACH, Hall 11, Stand B32
  • M+E, Hall 10, Stand H49
  • NIEHOFF, Hall 10, Stand C06
  • PLASMAIT, Hall 10, Stand C42-06
  • ROSENDAHL, Hall 9, Stand A60
  • SIRIO WIRE, Hall 10, Stand H49
  • SKET, Hall 10, Stand G18
  • STRECKER, Hall 10, Stand A21
  • WAFIOS, Hall 5 (TUBE) or 10 (WIRE), Stand B26 or F22/F40
  • WAFIOS UMFORMTECHNIK, Hall 10, Stand F40
  • WITELS ALBERT, Hall 9, Stand E39
  • WITHÖFT, Entrance Nord, Stand 6
  • WOYWOD, Hall 9, Stand A42
  • WTM, Hall 11, Stand D78


SEQUEM is at your disposal for any additional information, or to provide you with free entry tickets. Please contact our team at al@sequem.fr or call + 33 3 28 80 55 64.