BÜLTMANN is pleased to invite you to discover a new machine: the tube-drawing system type RZ 0800/03-18. This triple tube drawing machine is equipped with feed cradle, tube separator, pointing device with push-pointer technology, four-plane lifting pre-bench, automatic die adjustment and optical tube measuring system with groove detection.

Interested? SEQUEM will be happy to support you in developing your project! In the meantime, please note that this new drawing machine will be exhibited at BÜLTMANN throughout April 2022.

More information on this new drawing machine?

Please read the details below.

Technical data 

– Material: welded precision steel tubes
– Finished diameter: 16 – 90 mm
– Wall thickness of drawn tube: 1,5 – 8,0 mm
– Drawing force: 800 kN
– Drawing speed: max. 90m/min
– Drive power: approx. 2 x 450kW, AC motor

Special features and highlights 

– High productivity (increased output)
– Short change-over times
– Industry 4.0 features
– Fully automated
– User-friendly

Questions ? 

SEQUEM is at your disposal for any additional information you may need. Feel free to contact us by e-mail at al@sequem.fr or phone at +33 (0)3 28 80 55 60