As of 1 March 2020, SEQUEM has been the representative of EJP WITEC GmbH on your market. This young company was founded by the almost complete team of former company WITECHS GmbH, which SEQUEM had represented for years before WITECHS GmbH became insolvent at the end of 2019 after the bankruptcy of its mother company Ernst Koch GmbH & Co. KG. With this new cooperation, SEQUEM can keep offering you the equipment and know-how of its former partner, and maintaining the after-sales service on in-use WITECHS GmbH and GSG equipment.


EJP WITEC GmbH offers various specific equipment and services for the drawing and rolling of steel wire.

  • Pay-off systems (horizontal or vertical)
  • Bending descaling machines
  • Brushing descaling machines
  • Sanding units (for descaling or eliminating surface imperfections)
  • Coating lines (dry or wet) for the preparation of the wire surface
  • Optimization of the electronic and drive systems of your existing equipment
  • Spare parts for all WITECHS GmbH and GSG equipment

SEQUEM, your primary contact

As with all our partners, SEQUEM is here to advise and guide you in your investment or maintenance projects for EJP WITEC GmbH equipment. We stay at your disposal for any of your requirements.