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"Off-line" optical measuring units according to spec!ific standards for measuring extruder insulating sections of all kinds of cables and tubes.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 9 / E40


NUMTEC – MAGNEMAG – GEGA. Machines for the hot and cold marking and for the deburring of semi-finished metallic products. Accessories for continuous casting: shroud manipulator, powder feeder. Torch cutting machines and scarfing machines for Slab, blooms and billets.


Universal punch-bending machines. Processing centres : tapping, screw insertion, welding.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / F18


Steel cutting and grinding machines for tubes and round or square metal bars. Material handling systems.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / C52-04


Hot and cold rolling mills for round, flat and profile metal wire.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 11 / A22


Drawing, straightening and steel finishing lines for metal bars, profils and tubes. Handling and automatic separation system for tubes and bars. Shaft rough turning machines.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 6 / E18


Industrieal furnaces for heat treatment with process atmosphere and/or high convection for steel, light metal alloys and non ferrous products.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / C42-07


Liquid metal furnace and heat treatment plants for Aluminium. Melting and Holding Furnaces for casting directly from smelter reduction cells or integrated in remelt lines; Ingot Casting and Stacking Machines for foundry ingots, Vertical Casting Machines for extrusion billets to produce the universal feedstock for remelt, rolled and extruded products; Heat Treatment Furnaces - batch or continuous type - for further treatment are the main products of the company.


Plastic spools for wire, optical fibre, synthetic material and metal strip.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 9 / A25


Draw-peeling (steel wire, as well as valve spring wire, stainless steel, bearing steel, cold heading wire) : draw-peeling plants, draw-peeling unit, peeling dies. Horizontal straight-line drawing machines for the processing of steel wire, aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper rod and super conductor.  Wet wire drawing machines drawing of high-strength steel wire, stainless steel wire and wire of non-ferrous metals. Hot wire drawing machines are used to reduce the diameter of difficultly transformable wire by drawing. Single wire drawing machines. Accessories for drawing machines: pay-offs, coilers, etc.


Manual hydraulic steel cutters and straighteners. Universal hydraulic testing presses. WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / G66


Pointing. Point rolling machines. Point hammering machines. Point pressing machines. Point milling machines. For wire, bars and tubes.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 12 / B59


Accessories for extrusion lines : pay-off pintles, pay-offs, dual automatic take-up up to 1600 mm.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 11 / B32


Wet drawing machines for steel and stainless steel wire. Automatic spoolers. Coilers and spoolers for wire treatment lines.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / H49


Wire drawing lines for non ferrous material. Continuous inline annealers. Automatic spoolers, static coilers. Automation.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / C06


PARALOC : interchangeable carbide wire drawing inserts.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / B38

PI Design

Carrying out studies for the design of precision tools for multi-slide machines and traditional stamping presses, as well as supplying these tools. Feasibility studies and industrialization of parts.


Plasma based furnaces for continuous heat and surface treatment of metal wire, cord and strip. Continuous heat and surface treatment for PV-Ribbon.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / C42-06


Dosing units for extruders : single dosing units, colour change systems, volumetric and gravimetric mixing stations, hopper loaders and driers. &nsbp;

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 9 / A42


Compacting machine for coils. Manual or automatic banding.


Extruders for telephone and telecommuncication cables, optic fibre cables, coaxial cables and low voltage cables. Portal pay-off and take-up. SZ Stranding lines. Metal tape forming, welding and annealing.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 09 / A60


In line electrolytic plating lines: copper, zinc, phosphate. In line cleaning lines. In line pickling.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / H49


Production and assembly equipment for steel cable, power cable, communication and optic fibre cable industry. Rapid stranders, single or double torsion stranding machine - Accessories and complete lines.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / G18


Buttwelding machines for ferrous and non-ferrous wire, cable, strand, flat and shaped wire.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / A21


Everything for transformation of metal wire: straightening and cutting-off machines, CNC bending machines, spring coiling machines, wire nail machines, ring coiling machines, chain manufactoring machines, wire fencing machines. Coilers.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 10 / F22-F40


For wire, cable, strip and tube: straighteners, rolls, roll straighteners, concentric guide rolls, roller crosses, drive units, preformers and postformers.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 9 / E39


Pulling tongs.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Entrance North/ 6


Cable taping line (concentric type) for application on low-losses or high quality cables. Complete systems for thermal treatments or sintering process for wire and cable. Vision systems for in line cable control. Cable rewinding and control line. Equipments for drag chain tests and for cable torsional tests. Single-twist cable standers with tailstock and shaft design.  

WIRE & TUBE 2020 : Hall 11 / D78